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Over the years, Nam Pharma Animal Health Sdn. Bhd. has been the leader in the area of animal science and nutrition. Our strong sense of responsibility to animals and their owners is reflected in the unconditional quality of our veterinary pharmaceutical, backed by years of extensive research in the area of animal nutrition. We observe firsthand the interrelationship of good veterinary pharmaceutical practices, good health, proper growth and development, and optimum performance. Our commitment to research helps keep Nam Pharma on the leading edge of nutritional science.

Nam Pharma Animal Health Sdn. Bhd. is manufacturing and supplying a range of animal health products for poultry producers, and for the ruminant and equine sectors, offering its customers a wide range of products to assist in the economic production of healthy livestock and diagnosis and treatment of diseases. To help clients support their businesses cost effectively, Nam Pharma Animal Health’s qualified veterinarians recommend preventative therapies, diagnostics and disinfectants – always with the aim of minimizing the need for treatment.

The Company’s veterinary medicines and biological products satisfy the high registration standards required by international authorities and the Malaysian Government, Nam Pharma Animal Health’s team of specialists has formed exclusive partnerships with leading international suppliers.

Quality control is a Nam Pharma Animal Health Sdn. Bhd. priority in manufacturing. The company follows a stringent "quality in - quality out" philosophy.